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TORS - Robotic engineering in gas mains replacement

Synthotech is transforming the way that Distribution & Transmission Pipelines are inspected and worked on. We’re the driving force on a number of key R&D initiatives such as the development of ground breaking and highly innovative ‘polymorphic’ robotic technology.

The robotic technology we’re developing will have a significant, positive impact on the utilities sector a fact that was recognised when we were awarded the prestigious Utility Pipeline Technology Award for the Tier One Replacement System (TORS) project – a joint initiative between Synthotech and National Grid Gas.

TORS – A major development in gas mains replacement

The current method of replacing gas mains and services is extremely invasive as it involves major excavation to expose the main at either end of the area to be renewed, in order to decommission the existing pipe work. Further excavations then need to be undertaken at connection points to the metallic main in order to complete the renewal of the mains and services.

The ultimate aim of the TORS project is to design and develop a robotic system that is capable of remotely undertaking 10 off Service to Mains connections in a 100m section of cast iron main from only two excavations, thus eliminating the need for service connection excavations and  providing significant cost savings and benefits.

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