Another great award for Synthotech

A brilliant result last night at the UKSTT Awards.

Representatives from the SynthoTeam attended the UKSTT Awards in The Met Hotel in Leeds. The event was held after the No-Dig Roadshow where Wez Little’s presentation of ‘The Whole Hole’ was well received.

The Water Extraction Technology (WExTech) Systems triumphed over the other entries to be awarded the Environmental Award at the event. The NIA collaboration project developed with Northern Gas Networks accurately locates sources of water ingress in live gas mains and services, simultaneously removing water and recycling the gas back into the main. This results in: a) significantly reducing unplanned interruption to gas supply to consumers, b) reduces the safety related intrusive road works including excavation to find remove and repair the water ingress and, c) reduces operational cost and environmental impact.

Collecting the award from left to right: John White - Synthotech, Matthew Izzard - Chairman of UKSTT, Wez Little - Synthotech, Simon Langdale - Synthotech, Adam Madgett - Northern Gas Networks, John Pickering - Northern Gas Networks, Richie Read - Northern Gas Networks, Jared Knott - Northern Gas Networks.

If you would like to know more about either the WExTech for Mains of Services Systems please click here or contact us here


WExTech Mains T1 - for trailer use                                                          WExTech for Mains V1 - for van use                                                                   WExTech for Services

Synthotech's ServiceCam, was also shortlisted for Innovation Product Award. ServiceCam is a small camera system that access service pipes via the ECV in order to  survey the condition of the pipe including any blockages, damage or poor installation. It is the perfect tool for pre-enabling. If you would like to know more about ServiceCam please click here or contact us here.


Synthotech would like to thanks UKSTT or holding such a great event and to both the teams for working so hard to produce two really great systems.