Encouraging engineers of the future

Synthotech, in partnership with Northern Gas Networks, is excited to be invited to present at a STEMtastic event at Virgin Money HQ in Gosforth on Thursday next week.

Wez Little (Synthotech’s Innovations Director) will be presenting to over 250 11-13 year olds from across 10 schools and the home school network. He will be talking to them about our award winning Water Extraction for Services system and how to get involved in innovative engineering.

Synthotech feels privileged to be involved with this event and hopes to help get the next generation enthusiastic about delivering innovation within Engineering.

Are you having problems with water ingress in gas mains or service pipes? Take a look at Synthotech's WExTech systems that allow the operator to see inside live gas mains or services and can then suck out any water found and recirculate the gas back into the mains or service. For more information on these systems click here  or contact us.


WExTech for Services 1.0 and                                                                                              WExTech for Services 2.0


WExTech for mains - M-V1 (Van Edition) and                                                                      WExTech for mains - M-T1 (Trailer Edition)