Continually delivering - updates of this week's training

This week, Synthotech’s Technical Support Engineers have been out and about delivering training, equipment support and technical expertise across the UK. One particular training session proved useful in a matter of moments.

Our Engineer Mick was delivering training of a SynthoCam 3 metallic mains camera inspection kit to a contractor in England, when they came across a large obstacle in the 4” main they were surveying. This ‘lump’ was less than 1m away from the drilling used for accessing the main, can you tell what it is? Luckily, the system was able to push past this obstacle and reach a push distance of 65m (up a steep gradient) before it reached an unpassable blockage.

Can you tell what it is?

MiniSCU video screenshot                   SynthoCam 3 site training


SynthoCam 3 provides excellent picture quality and extended push distance, even on a steep gradient.