Successful trials for 4Bar ServiceCam

This week Andy Sparkes (Synthotech's Customer Relationship Manager) and Chris Hart (Technical Support Engineer) visited Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) in Dublin.

Synthotech were invited by Rory Somers (Materials & Innovation Manager for GNI), to complete two trials with the new 4Bar ServiceCam. The aim of the trials was for Gas Networks Ireland to verify the location of valves in their PE system.

Trial 1 – The Linc Building, Blanchardstown

Successfully pushed 8-9m via a 2” Butterfly valve into 2” steel and 63mm PE round 2 x 90 degree bends through transition fitting and PE valve. 

Trail 2 – Block 402, Greenogue Business Park

On this trial the ServiceCam pushed 10m in 32mm PE via ¾” ball valve. Found ball valve as required and top tee on main, it would have pushed even further.

Rory was delighted with the results of the survey as our findings with the tracable ServiceCam found the valve and the exact location of the top tee.

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