Are you ready for the wet season?

Have you got a water ingress problem in a mains or service pipe?

If you are struggling to deal with a water ingress issue try one of our WExTech (Water Extraction Technology) Systems.

This approved technology is used in conjunction with one of our SynthoCam 3 cameras to locate the source of ingress. The unique suction system then removes the water whilst recycling the gas back into the main or service. This reduces excavation, emissions and the impact on the consumer.

There are two different models for 4-8” metallic or 90-250mm PE Mains pipes. One that can be transported on a trailer (WExTech M-T1) and one that is designed to fit in a van between standard racking, it is also a 2-man lift (WExTech M-V1).

There is also a system to remove water from inside 1-1¼” metallic or 20-25mm PE Service pipes. This unit is small and manageable and removes the need for bowsers.

If you would like more information about WExTech for mains or if you have a water ingress problem check out the WExTech range here, or contact us for more information.