Well Done Project GRAID

It has been an exciting four and a half years of pushing boundaries, world firsts and successfully completing significant milestones.

Project GRAID (Gas Robotic Agile Inspection Device) has been developed with National Grid Transmission and three UK SME’s (Synthotech Ltd, Premtech Ltd and Pipeline Intergrity Engineers Ltd). It has delivered a solution to the problem of analysing the condition of high pressure gas transmission pipelines. It is able to navigate the complex geometries of these pipelines in order to take measurements and provide a visual assessment of these critical assets.

Project GRAID is a prime example of how collaboration and innovative thinking can overcome even the biggest challenges. We are all immensely proud of the engineering team at Synthotech and all those we have worked with over the years the have contributed to the success of GRAID.

 Have a look at this great video below: