Innovation through Collaboration

This week Synthotech were delighted to host a truly collaborative workshop between Cadent Gas, Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks. .

The key focus of the day was the ServiBoost project. ServiBoost allows a service which has a poor pressure to gain a 5mbar pressure uplift. ServiBoost is a truly innovative and compact device developed by Synthotech in partnership with Cadent Gas. The aim of the workshop was to provide cross network collaboration and knowledge transfer of this new development that can significantly improve operational planning and customer experiences when a poor pressure occurs. As ServiBoost completes its development following its successful Cadent operational trials, the equipment is being passed onto Northern Gas Networks and Scotia Gas Networks for trial and evaluation, with an aim of getting ServiBoost operational for this winter.

While together further innovations, developments and best practice were discussed including - ServiceCam for service inspection - WExTech Services and Mains for live gas pipe water extraction, SynthoCam for use with the new WASK core and vac keyhole system and the latest House Entry Tee Exchange system where a House Entry Tee can be replaced without the requirement for an excavation using single person operation. Innovation through Collaboration.