Do you need to survey inside live gas service pipes?

We have a range of systems that can help you.

If you are struggling with poor pressure problems the ServiceCAM Range can help you find the cause, providing you with instant in-pipe information with minimal interruption to customers’ gas supply.

Based on customer feedback we have updated the range so that it now includes systems that can be used in metallic pipes as well as PE/ServiFlex®.

ServiceCAM LTE provides the same reliable service that you have come to know and love from the ServiceCAM brand. It easily and efficiently locates and traces causes of pressure issues in a 17.5mm - 32mm PE or Serviflex service and can also be used in a ¾”– 2” metallic service up to the first bend.

The NEW ServiceCAM PE+M is based on the ServiceCAM LTE, but now features the new ServiGuides which will allow the user to navigate around up to 3 bends in metallic service pipes. This system also features a new tighter spring which, combined with the ServiGuides increases the ease of bend negotiation.

Last but not least is the NEW dynamic ServiceCAM PRO; this system combines the new aspects of the ServiceCAM PE+M (tighter spring and ServiGuides) with a new enclosed reel that makes it easier to use especially in single person operation. The new winding reel system makes deployment and tidying up quicker and simpler. This system incorporates a meterage function that is shown on the Synthotech Display Unit (SDU), this is now easier to see in tight spaces thanks to the new adjustable mount. ServiceCAM PRO’s neat design is more compact than the other systems making it easier to store and transport.

All of these can be used on live gas up to 75mbar using an Emergency Control Valve as an access point and the ServiceCAM PRO can be provided for use at up to 4Bar subject to approvals.

Below are some examples of problems that ServiCAM has found:

If you would like more information on these systems click here or contact us for upgrade options and price breaks on multiple purchases.