It's been a busy week for our TSEs

Synthotech’s Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) have been very busy this week supporting customers, training and completing specialist surveys up and down the country.

They have been on site, supporting Cadent in the East of England carrying out 15 x SynthoCAM surveys and WExTech water extraction jobs on 8” metallic, 63mm, 125mm and 250mm PE. They have been out delivering and training out a new Metallic and PE SynthoCAM kit and have completed a number of Titan Pan and Tilt surveys for Balfour Beatty GDSP on  12” and 14” mains. They have also been supporting National Grid PMC on a SynthoTRAX crawler job in central London.


If you would like to know more information on training, specialist surveys, technical support or any of the kits mentioned above please contact us 01423 816 060/