Synthotech’s new Water Extraction System responds to “root cause”.

When a tree root breaks into a water main which subsequently fractures & fills the adjacent gas main, Synthotech help the network restore supplies to a school & 400 properties.

Upon call-out, the local gas distribution network excavated then used an Alan Taylor unit to extract 22,000 litres of water. The Synthotech Water Extraction System was launched into the live main to extract a further 600 litres of water from low points. Importantly, the system allowed the operative to locate water blocking supply to a school, then simultaneously extract the water to restore gas and allow a prompt return for 1,400 pupils. 

The new Synthotech Water Extraction System, developed in conjunction with Northern Gas Networks, is now available to order & has been trialled with Wales & West Utilities & National Grid.

You can download the full case study here.

Synthotech arrive on site with the new Water Extraction System.