Our Technical Support Engineers have been busy this week

Synthotech’s Technical Support Engineer (TSE), Mick, has been out and about completing specialist surveys this week.

Mick has been inspecting a medium pressure, 4” metallic mains pipe using our SynthoCam 3 kit this week in Lincolnshire. The routine inspection was carried out on behalf of tRIIO who wanted to check service locations and identify any connections prior to relining the pipe.

The SynthoCam 3 metallic system can be used to inspect 4-8” mains and enters through a 1 ¼”-2” WASK base. It has a potential push distance of 180m from a single excavation which minimises the inconvenience to road-users and the public. The full SynthoCam 3 system can also be used on PE mains on 63mm diameter pipes and upwards. For smaller diameter PE mains and services Synthotech’s ServiceCam can be used. If you would like more information about ServiceCam please download the product sheet here or contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to find out more about the SynthoCam 3 System please click here or download the product sheet here.

If you would like more details on the specialist surveys that we provide please click here or contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Mick carrying out the specialist survey