SGN's trainees learn about Synthotech

This week a group from SGN visited Synthotech's HQ for a demonstration day and facility tour.

The visitors had a variety of different job roles ranging from trainee team managers for replacements low/medium pressures, to asset managers and major project engineers working on the intermediate and high pressure systems.

Whilst they were at Synthotech they learnt about the full SynthoCam 3 and ServiceCam product range, the WExTech range, new products due to be released this year and Synthotech’s work in robotics.

They also received a facility tour where they learnt about how each product is created - from our Research and development design spaces through to the production area.

If you would like to know more about any of our products or book a demonstration, please contact us here. 

Andy Tilley demonstrating the SynthoCam 3 kit.