This week Synthotech's WExTech systems were at UKSTT and PIG's Innovation/Technical Event

After being shortlisted for the ‘Innovation – Product’ category in last years’ UKSTT Awards, Synthotech was asked to speak at a technical evening held by UKSTT & Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG).

This Week Andy Sparkes delivered a presentation on the UKSTT shortlisted Water Extraction Technology (WExTech) Mains and Services kits. The WExTech systems allow the operator to see inside live gas Mains or Services using our camera system. The system can then suck out any water found and recirculate the gas back into the mains or service.

Synthotech would like to thank PIG and UKSTT for putting on a great event and the other presenters for their interesting and informative presentations.

If you would like more information on the WExTech Systems please click here, or contact us to discuss your requirements.