The team at Synthotech, a British engineering company for the gas industry

The Company

Leading the way in providing innovative turnkey engineering solutions to the gas industry

We’re a leading British engineering business, focused on the development of pioneering ‘must have’ products and services for utility and infrastructure markets around the world.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. For over two decades we’ve lead the way in driving significant advancements in the exploration and maintenance of under pressure pipework.

From the day we were established, our values have always remained the same; we believe that longstanding relationships are built on respect, belief, trust, confidence and reward and these five principles continue to be the cornerstones of everything that Synthotech stands for. We’re proud of our reputation and that the fact that today, we’re trusted by some of the most significant gas network owners in the world.

Capacity that’s coupled with care

To stay ahead of the curve and continue to offer a level of capability that’s unmatched, we continue to invest heavily in the growth of Synthotech and recently up-scaled to a new, 20,000sqft engineering and manufacturing facility that incorporates:

  • The latest 3D printing suite
  • CNC machining workshop
  • Major R&D facilities
  • An experienced team of 46 engineering, manufacturing & support staff

For us though, it’s not just about size. It’s about being a company that’s passionate about the industry, dedicated to building relationships and committed to investing in the people and infrastructure needed to deliver exceptional results.

Working with Synthotech British engineers

How we work

What makes our approach so unique?

We believe that knowledge and experience mean something. Our people have the understanding and industry insight to design, manufacture and implement embedded, technical engineering solutions that overcome tangible challenges and make a real difference to utility and infrastructure industries worldwide.

And, we don’t stop there. . .

Choosing to purchase or commission a solution from Synthotech is only the beginning of our relationship. We’ll work alongside you for as long as you need us, closely engaging with all levels of your organisation to ensure that everyone from the ground up fully understands how the product is used, how to maximise its benefits, and how to minimise its whole life cost. For us, it’s simply good practice; by providing ongoing support we help to ensure our product is being used to its full potential and therefore delivers optimum return on your investment.

Beyond a standard partnership. . .

We believe that what we offer, transcends a traditional client/contractor relationship.

Our approach is completely immersive. We become an extension of your team and gain an explicit understanding of your specific challenges. We believe that by sharing your vision, strategically aligning our business with yours and pooling our mutual knowledge of the gas industry, we’re able to deliver highly innovative technical solutions that simply make your business better.

The cornerstones of our proposition. . .

Enhancing safety

Developing the products, practices, training and on-going support needed to set a benchmark for safety in the management of gas transportation assets.

Providing Best Value

Leading with a commitment to strike the right balance between cost and performance in order to deliver the best overall benefit under your specified objectives.

Exceptional customer experience

Delivering an elevated level of understanding at every touch point, to ensure everything we do is ‘you-focused’ and exceeds your expectations, not just once, but consistently throughout.

Environmental consideration

Maintaining an appropriate and up-to-date understanding of environmental legislation and regulation so that we can consult effectively with you and your stakeholders and ensure that you’re meeting your operational objectives whilst minimising adverse impact on the environment.

Synthotech's industry awards and accreditations

Awards & accreditations

Committed to setting the standard in gas infrastructure engineering

We take quality management very seriously and our accreditations demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellence as standard.

Through a process of stringent ongoing assessment, we are accredited to a number of industry standards and our competencies and compliance are continually measured and evaluated by our industries most respected regulatory bodies.

At Synthotech we operate a fully integrated management system that works across all aspects of our business and includes:

Integrated Management System: The Synthotech Management System is certified to PAS99.

Health & Safety: The Synthotech Health and Safety Management System is certified to ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health Safety Management Systems

Security Management System: The Synthotech Security Management System operates to ISO27001:2005

Quality Management System: The Synthotech Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2015 by BSI.

Environmental Management System: The Synthotech Environmental Management System is certified to ISO14001:2015 by BSI.

Carbon status: We’re proud to be certified Carbon NEUTRAL

Living Wage: We are a Living Wage Employer

Recognised by our industry peers and acclaimed by the world’s leading utility engineering officials

Synthotech is highly regarded within the Utility Industry and we’re proud of the awards we’ve received including:

  • UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019 (UKEIA19) - Winner of Best Gas NEtwork Improvement award - STASS (System Two Access and Seal Solution)
  • UKEIA 2019 awards - Shortlisted for Best Water Utility Improvement 
  • UKEIA 2019 awards - Shortlisted for Best Innovation Gas - ServiBoost
  • IGEM EUA - Winner of Engineer of the Year 2018 - John White
  • IGEM EUA - Winner of Manager of the Year 2018 - Wez Little
  • IGEM EUA - Shortlisted for Innovation Project Award 2018 - Project STASS
  • IGEM/PIG - Lions' Lair 2018 - TORS
  • IGEM Innovation Showcase - Midlands 2018 - TORS
  • IGEM EUA - Company of the Year Award 2017
  • IGEM EUA - Innovation Project of the Year Award 2017 for Project GRAID
  • UK Energy Innovation Award for Best Innovation COntributing to Quality and Reliability of Gas Supply for Synthotech's Water Extraction Systems for Live Gas Mains and Services
  • The Pipeline Industries Guild Award for Land-Based (onshore) Technology Award for Project GRAID
  • UKSTT Awards - Environmental Award for Water Extraction Systems for Live Gas Mains and Services
  • IGEM EUA Gas Industry Innovation Product Award 2016 – Water Extraction Systems for Live Gas Mains, with Northern Gas Networks
  • IGEM EUA Gas Industry Young Persons’ Achievement Award 2016 – Simon Langdale
  • Winner of the prestigious 2015 Utility Pipeline Technology Award for the joint Synthotech – National Grid Gas TORS project
  • Winner of the 'Best of the Best' Innovation Award 2015 at the WRc 'Best of the Best' Awards Ceremony
  • Finalists EUA & IGEM Gas Industry Awards Company of the Year 2015
  • Finalists Pipeline Industry Guild Innovation Award 2014
  • Finalists UK Gas Industry Innovation Award 2014, SynthoCam 3
  • Finalists UK Gas Industry Company of the Year Award 2014
  • UK Gas Industry Innovation Award 2013, SynthoTrax
  • UK Gas Industry Manager of the Year 2008, Mark Tindley
  • UK Gas Industry Manager of the Year 2005, David Morgan
  • UK Gas Industry Innovation Award 1999, Serviflex


Synthotech's health and safety and environmental policies

Health & safety, quality, our environment and your privacy

Caring for the wellbeing of our team, our customers and the environment around us.

Health & Safety...

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our team, associates and clients.

We follow a strict Health & Safety protocol in accordance with HSE guidelines that includes:

  • Ensuring that our employees and others are kept healthy and safe at work.
  • Identifying potential risk and ensuring we have measures in place to prevent harm on site and in the field.
  • Clearly prioritising improvements we need to make to ensure continued compliance.
  • Ensuring a clear structure of responsibility is in place for health and safety procedures.
  • Putting in place a robust schedule of measurement and review to ensure that we’re consistently meet our legal, moral and social obligations.

Download our Health & Safety statement


 The Synthotech Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2008 by BSI and is considered to be the world’s most recognised quality management standard.

We put the delivery of excellence at the forefront of our operational priorities, and ISO9001 ensures that we are continually monitoring and managing quality throughout our entire business.

Our ISO9001 certification provides you with absolute assurance that:

  • We’re regularly assessed on our competence and ability to manufacture products that you can trust.
  • We’re committed to assuring that applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are always being met.
  • We’re measured on our ability to enhance your experience and meet your quality expectations.
  • We’re dedicated to putting processes in place to drive continual improvement.

Download our Quality statement


Our environmental policy sets out our principles. It outlines our commitment to operate our business in a way that minimises environmental impacts and promotes responsible business practices throughout our organisation.

Our policy encompasses a number of environmental commitments including:

  • Monitoring and improving the impact of logistical and transportation
  • Our strategy to achieve company-wide energy efficiencies
  • Our policy to reduce waste and our commitment to recycling waste materials
  • Reduction of our carbon emissions globally as part of our ISO 14001 accreditation
  • Achieving Carbon neutral status while maintaining our commercial integrity
  • An in-depth appraisal of Synthotech’s environmental impact through our Environmental Management System which has provided us with a comprehensive Register of Aspects and Impacts.

Download our Environmental policy statement

Your Privacy...

Synthotech is committed to protecting your privacy and to developing technologies that provide a safe and secure experience for your data.

In general, we will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you. For example, personal information may be requested when you are requesting information on a product or service, ordering products or services, or when registering for Synthotech events.

Download our Privacy Policy

Synthotech Modern Slavery Statement...

Synthotech, has taken and is continuing to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain.

Download our Synthotech Modern Slavery statement