Happy Australia Day to our Australian distributors Asset Integrity Australasia (AIA)

It’s going to be another innovative year for AIA as they launch 3 new Synthotech products to support their customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

As well as Synthotech’s SynthoCAM 3 range AIA can now provide the ServiceCam Pro for 4 bar PE and metallic services which will enable AIA’s customers to quickly and easily diagnose poor pressure problems. The WExTech M-LTE is also new to the Australia/New Zealand market, this can be combined with the SynthoCAM 3 kit to locate and remove water ingress from live metallic and PE mains up to 7.5 kpa and 250mm diameter. Synthotech and AIA are also working together to deliver camera systems for the inspection of operational water mains which will be available later this year.


The rapid response to Covid-19 in Australia and NZ last year now has the situation well under control. Unfortunately, it continues to be a major problem in the UK but Synthotech has managed to minimise the impact on its business. Unfortunately, it has resulted in some delays, but we continue to resolve these challenges and hope to train more people to be able to carry out more repairs and servicing in Australia to reduce times and our carbon footprint.

If you would like to know more about these products or about our distributors contact us here.

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