The Tier One Replacement System (TORS) is a robotic in-pipe system that can replace service to main connections remotely without the need for excavation.

TORS is an intelligent robotic ‘train’ type system that can remotely connect a PE service to a PE main through unique micro electro-fusion fittings. A special spring is inserted through the service pipe from either the garden or the house. The TORS robot runs along the new PE pipe which has been inserted into the old metallic host pipe. From there the TORS robot will locate the special spring, drill the main, and insert a micro electro-fusion fitting. The new PE service pipe is pulled in and around the 90 degree top tee, and connected into the micro electrofusion fitting. This is then fused to both the service pipe and to the main. TORS will then pressure test the pipework up to 350mbar, and then move onto the next service completing the connection in approximately 1 hour.

TORS has passed all operational requirements that Cadent / National Grid Gas Distribution required to meet PL2. 

  • TORS eliminates service connection excavations in the street.
  • TORS reduces the risk of cable strikes.
  • TORS is currently on par with current traditional excavation costs.
  • TORS is currently being developed for live mains and service connection.
  • TORS is on track to save over £5 per meter laid compared to traditional technologies.
  • Currently available for 75mm or 90mm in 4” metallic pipe.

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