The System Two Assess Survey and Seal system (STASS) is a robotic vehicle that can be used in live gas pipes up to 2barg from 12” and above. It can travel up to 125meters in each direction from an excavation to locate joints and apply an anaerobic sealant to prevent them from leaking.

This award-winning NIA funded project has been developed in conjunction with Northern Gas Networks and ALH Systems and combines Synthotech’s Synthotrax™ robotic platform and ALH Flexspray sealant. 

When STASS™ is inside the pipe it can carry out a full visual survey locating joints, debris, tees, off takes, plugs, bolted seals and even cracks. STASS™ can then precision locate a joint and spray the joint with FlexSpray™ anaerobic sealant, forcing the sealant into the joint at 4bar. The FlexSpray™ sealant will then wick around the joint, wetting the yarn and sealing the joint. FlexSpray™ is also able to be used on bolted joints.

Northern Gas Networks are the only UK gas network to run their own robotic team rather than using specialist contractors. Northern Gas Networks uses STASS and SynthoTRAX™ as their robots of choice.

STASS™ is available as a specialist service from Synthotech. 

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces time, effort and impact on customers.
  • Cost savings – from £6,000 up to £20,000 per job.
  • Reduces mis-digs, the size of excavations and the subsequent environmental impacts.
  • Fixes multiple leaking joints from a single excavation.

STASS™ can be inserted under live conditions using:

  • >12” metallic pipe end-on to a pipe (via bag off and end fitting).
  • >16” metallic pipe through an Under Pressure Tee and a suitable through bore valve such as a Donkin 555.
  • >24” metallic pipe – Vertically through an ALH System 3 valve.
  • >24” metallic pipe – Vertically through a Bond and Bolt.

The system comprises of:

  • STASS™ Crawler.
  • TITAN pan and tilt camera.
  • STASS Insertion coil – 200m.
  • STASS™ FlexSpray™ Dispenser.

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