M-CEX is a simple kit for the replacement or exchange of valves on live gas systems.

M-CEX™ is a series of rubber bungs called stoppers that are used for flow stopping. The stoppers are inserted under live gas conditions using a special seal and enclosure preventing the loss of gas from a pipe during the exchange process.

Originally designed for use on live gas service pipes back in 1992 for low-pressure operations there is now a wealth of stoppers and access systems available as part of the M-CEX product range.

M-CEX™ is used by first call operatives and industrial/commercial teams. M-CEX saves having to isolate services and risers when emergency valves need replacing or the pipework needs altering, saving excavations and emergency team call-outs. 

Key benefits include:

  • Specifically designed for operation in restricted areas.
  • Significant reduction in the time consumers are off gas.
  • Avoids the need for planned maintenance operations to isolate pipework systems particularly in multi-occupancy environments.
  • Considerably reduces operational costs – saving up to £100 a use compared to traditional isolation. M-CEX has a low operational cost from £0.50 peruse.

For Gas pipes the M-CEX System can provide live access into the pipe using:

  • Emergency Control Valves ½” BSP/BS746 to 1 ¼” BSP/BS746.
    • Domestic Kit – low pressure.
  • Semi Concealed Emergency Control Valves ¾” BSP/BS746 to 1” BSP/BS746.
    • Semi Concealed Domestic Kit low pressure.
  • Emergency Control Valves 1 ¼” BSP/BS746 to 2” BSP/BS746.
    • Commercial Kit low pressure.
  • Emergency Control Valves 3” BSP/BS746 to 4” BSP/BS746.
    • Industrial Kit low pressure.
  • A house entry tee exchange (HET or through wall fitting) 16 to 32mm low pressure.
  • Emergency Control Valves ¾” BSP/BS746 to 1 ¼” BSP/BS746 
    • Domestic Kit – 4 Bar.

Where can M-CEX™ be used?

The following matrix highlights the different access fittings, sizes, pressures and permutations.

Please note local network approvals vary against network operational procedures.

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