ServiBAG™ is a flexible work enclosure that keeps the gas flowing when a number of repair and maintenance activities are carried out, preventing the need to enter a customers property or the need for any purge or re-lights.

ServiBAG™ is an engineered encapsulation enclosure that can work at a pressure of 75mbar. The enclosure has several clamping arrangements for fitting on to existing pipework to allow for the variety of activities.

  • ServiBAG™ M-CEX

The ability to exchange an Emergency Control Valve from an external Meter Box without isolating the service or taking the customer.

  • ServiBAG™ BYPASS

Enables the user to add a bypass onto the meter, so a customer can be kept live while the service pipe is replaced to the main.

  • ServiBAG™ ServiceCAM™

Remove the meter connection, keeping the customer on live gas, while carrying out a ServiceCAM™ survey of the customers service pipe (metallic or PE) for investigative or pre-enabling work.


The ability to remove a section of PE or metallic pipe while keep the customer connected to gas. Removing the section of pipe so the service can be transferred onto a new main or replaced and the connecting a new piece back into the network.

Key benefits:

  • Customer remains on gas.
  • No purge and relights required.
  • No interruption of the customer for pre-enabling or investigative work.
  • No requirement to enter the property (COVID-19 compliant).

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