SynthoCAM Full Range

SynthoCAM™ is the original award-winning under pressure in-pipe live access CCTV survey system for the UK and global gas industry. It is designed for use in live gas PE, Metallic and PVC pipe up to 4barg in pressure, however, higher-pressure systems are available upon request.

The SynthoCAM™ range is designed for pipes from ½” /16mm diameter up to 48” / 1200mm diameter and for low or medium pressure (up to 4barg).

The systems are modular and can therefore be tailored to fit your needs. Simply choose the pipe diameters that you need to survey and how you would like to access the pipe, then we can offer a range of cameras, insertion coilers, access systems and screens to meet the budget and requirements.

A full PE and Metallic SynthoCAM™ system for up to and including 18” metallic and 355mm diameter PE would include;

  • A ServiceCAM™ PE and metallic gas services 16-55mm / ½ -2”.
  • SynthoCAM S195™ for PE and metallic gas mains 55-90mm / 3-4”.
  • SynthoCAM™ 3 for PE gas mains 63-180mm.
  • SynthoCAM™ 3 for PE gas mains 90-355mm.
  • SynthoCAM™ 3 for metallic gas mains 4-8”.
  • SynthoCAM TITAN™ for metallic gas mains 8-18”.

Above 12” Metallic / 315mm PE we offer

  • SynthoTRAX™ robotic system.

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