ServiBOOST™ is an intelligent boost system designed to give gas services with poor pressure a 5mbar boost when the boiler switches on, preventing the boiler from choking and the customer going off gas.

ServiBOOST™ is a device fitted to the Emergency Control Valve when a poor pressure has been identified that has taken a customer off gas. ServiBOOST™ has an external battery that will allow the unit to operate for a minimum of 7 days. The unit is certified to ATEX zone 2 for inclusion inside a gas meter box. 

ServiBOOST™ detects the draw of gas requested when a boiler switches on and instantly starts the integral fan, which will provide a minimum of a 5mbar pressure uplift through the ServiBOOST™ unit. After initial boiler ignition, the draw of gas required by the boiler will drop and vary according to demand. ServiBOOST™’s intelligent system will automatically alter the speed of the fan to maintain a pre-set outlet pressure.

ServiBOOST™ comes in three different versions:

  • ServiBOOST™ – Service Pressure Boost System

ServiBOOST™ unit with 2-meter connection to an external battery for connection to and leaving on the customer’s service to maintain pressure.

  • ServiBOOST™ Plus – Datalogging Service Pressure Boost System

As per the standard ServiBOOST™ unit, but with a data logger that records the inlet and outlet pressures and fan speed every second providing a complete profile of a customer’s usage, service pressure and possible issues.

  • ServiSTART™ – Service Pressure Boost System for boiler commissioning

Is the base ServiBOOST™ unit that is not left on a customer meter, but only used to boost the service pressure when sweep mode is used for initial commissioning.

ServiBOOST™ is used as a temporary containment until a solution to the poor pressure can be facilitated. ServiBOOST™ can only be a final solution when connected to a suitable secure power supply at the property and subject to local network approvals.


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