SynthoCAM™ H2O

The SynthoCAM™ H2O system has been designed for live access into potable water pipes from 100mm to 300mm. It can be used in pressures up to 10 bar and can survey up to 100m in each direction. 

The SynthoCAM™ H2O system can easily locate leaks and speeds up pipe problem investigations to reduce the impact on the customer. It is made with existing WRAS approved materials and parts and includes a chlorination tank.

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces time, effort and impact on customers.
  • Cost savings – up to £750 for leaks and between £0.50 and £3.50 per meter on construction and replacement work.
  • Reduces mis-digs, excavations and subsequent environmental impact.
  • Can be used for pre-enabling, surveying, construction, repair and maintenance.

Suitable for use with:

  • >100mm diameter pipe PE / PVC / Black Alkathene.
  • >4” diameter metallic pipe.

SynthoCAM™ H2O can be inserted under live conditions using:

  • Through bore hydrants
  • Under pressure drillings
  • End on from a pipe (can be used for smaller diameter pipes)

The system comprises of:

  • S301 Camera – 30mm diameter camera.
  • SynthoCAM™ H2O Cobra – 12mm diameter 105m long WRAS Nylon tubed insertion coil.
  • Visual displays:
  • SDU-5 non record screen – 5.6”.
  • SCU-8 / SCU-8+ non-record / recordable screen – 8”.
  • SCU-12 / SCU-12+ non-record / recordable screen – 12”.
  • Insertion system:
  • Vertical pressure balance insertion tube.

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