ServiFlex® Insertion Technique

The ServiFlex® Insertion Technique quickly and easily allows the user to reline 1”, 1 ¼” or 2” metallic service pipes with ServiFlex® back to the meter position.

ServiFlex® is the brand name of Radius System’s twin-walled corrugated flexible polyethylene pipe that goes around tight radius 90 degree bends. ServiFlex® Insertion Technique is the installation equipment that allows the ServiFlex® pipe to be inserted safely, effectively and efficiently while maintaining its structural integrity to give it an anticipated operational life of 50 years.

We provide two systems within this range:

  • SITT – The ServiFlex® Insertion Technique Two which uses a tension gun
  • SIT-3 – The ServiFlex® Insertion Technique Three which uses a new insertion Spring. This system is cheaper and takes half the time of previous techniques.

These are the only systems that have been proven to allow PE pipe to be inserted around up to two short radius bends without affecting the ServiFlex®’s integrity. This eliminates unnecessary excavations and external meter re-runs, saving considerable operational time and cost. 

SITT and SIT-3 are both a two-person operation and can be used for both construction and repair and maintenance activities so can be used whenever required.

Key benefits include:

  • Avoids the costs associated with gas meter re-runs (typically £150-£300).
  • Significantly reduces excavation reinstatement and associated activities.
  • Maximises capacity through-put around short radius bends.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of pipe replacement on registered and/or listed buildings.
  • Reduces the time consumers are without gas.
  • Reduces operational cost. 

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Serviflex® is a registered trademark of Radius Systems Limited

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