Metallic Camera Systems

The SynthoCAM™ range for live metallic gas pipes is the must-have system for surveying services and mains from ½” to 48” and can operate in pressures up to 2barg.

The metallic camera systems can be used by construction teams, pre-enabling teams, commissioning / assurance teams as well as re-active repair and maintenance teams. It helps the teams to diagnose poor pressure problems quickly and effectively by locating in-pipe obstructions, water ingress and find defects and joints that cause leaks. It can also be used to pinpoint any connections, bends or joints or asses the condition of the pipes. 

As this system can be used on live gas, it provides no interruption to customers and significantly reduces excavations and the subsequent environmental impact.

SynthoCAM ™ is a modular system that caters for different types of users and future proofs for further company expansions. Many of the components can also be used with the PE kit keeping investment costs to a minimum. Extras can be added as your company expands including recordable display units, extra cameras, GPS and meterage.

Access uses the Synthotech design protected Stargland and FoamSeal systems. These systems allow access through.

  • Slotted valves.
  • Ball valves.
  • End on into pipe.
  • Tee pieces via the CAPEX tool.
  • ALH System 1 Base, Pipetech Gasmaster System, WASK Teeset.
  • ALH System 3 valve.
  • Donkin 555 or similar, under pressure drilling valves.

The SynthoCAM™ metallic range can be split into five different categories seen below.

Download the SynthoCam Metallic Range brochure

Metallic camera kit
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