LeakVISION: Developing an Innovative In-Pipe Leakage Detection Sensor

Last week, the Synthotech office had the pleasure of hosting team members from Northern Gas Networks to run through the latest developments of an exciting and new project.

In collaboration with Northern Gas Networks & Synovate, as well as OFGEM NIA Funding & EIC involvement, LeakVISION is a cutting-edge development to map pipeline leakage internally and pin-point gas leaks, avoiding miss digs and repeat visits. Mounted to a robot base/push rod camera system, the system can inspect in-pipe features to indicate the presence of leakage from pipeline features, such as joints, connections and defects.

It’s been a busy few weeks on the LeakVISION project completing testing and preparation for field trials. Our engineers have been working with the amazing Northern Gas team on in-pipe robotics, getting familiar with operations and running through the latest cutting-edge research.

The patent-pending LeakVISION system uses special sensors to detect gas leakage from the inside of pipes to reduce leakage and protect our climate and support operational teams.

We’re excited to bring you more developments as the project progresses. If successful LeakVISION could contribute to lowering emissions of methane supporting the COP26 methane pledge! In addition, reduced excavation could mean less street work and disruptions, minimisation of return call outs and the potential for lower cable strikes.

Synthotech will be hosting an event to showcase this exciting technology on the 17th of March. If you’re interested in any information or coming along, please get in touch.

In-pipe robotics illustration


Engineers stood around the leakvision system
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