Synthotech and PIG’s robotics event

This week Synthotech teamed up with the Pipeline Industries Guild Northern Branch to deliver a Robotics Event.

Synthotech is heavily involved in the research and development of robotic systems that can be used for pipeline maintenance and so was uniquely placed to deliver an evening discussing and demonstrating the following projects:

  • SynthoTrax – Andy Tilley gave a presentation on the development of this system that can be used to survey large diameter mains.
  • The Profiler – Mark Tindley presented this project that is used for reviewing and comparing dimensionally the quality of weld beads in large diameter gas pipes, developed with National Grid Gas Distribution
  • Project TORS – Tier One Replacement System – presented by Simon Langdale – TORS uses robotics to reduce excavations in pipe replacement and construction by 80%, developed with National Grid Gas Distribution
  • Project GRAID – the Gas Robotic Agile Inspection Device – presented by Wez Little-for inspecting above ground gas installations operating at pressures up to 100bar, being developed with National Grid Gas Transmission, Premtech and PIE

If you would like more information about our research and development team or projects please contact us here.

From left to right – Simon Langdale, Wez Little, Vince Braniff, Andy Tilley and Mark Tindley


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