Synthotech at IGEM/PIG Lions Lair event

Mark Tindley, took to the stage last night at the PIG IGEM London & Southern “Lions Lair” event to deliver a presentation on SynthoScope for live gas mains.

The SynthoTeam battled with storm Dorris to eventually get to the event held in London. Synthotech bought the new SynthoScope system along to show the attendees as well as the SynthoCam S195 system and Water Extraction for Services (for more information click here).

Synthoscope is a portable, steerable live gas CCTV system for the inspection of metallic or PE services, lateral or riser pipework. It can survey up to 8m through an ECV and has a steerable 9.5mm camera head that allows it to negotiate around at least two short radius metallic elbows.

The presentation and the system were well received and the evening was a great start to the year.  Synthotech would like to thank IGEM, PIG and EDF for a wonderful event and in particular David Goodall who made it all possible.

If you wish to find out more about SynthoScope please click here or contact us for a demonstration.

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