WExTech for Mains used on recent water pipe bursting on Quayside

Loss of gas supply in Lombard Street / Quayside area of Newcastle

Engineers from Northern Gas Networks undertook emergency repair work in a bid to restore supply to properties and businesses in the Quayside area of Newcastle upon Tyne following a burst water main in the area.

Around 285 users have been affected. Northern Gas Networks removed 200,000 litres of water from a 250 mm PE Low pressure main using Bowsers and their newly purchased WExTech for Mains system.

Synthotech’s WexTech Mains system was developed in conjunction with NGN as part Network Innovation Allowance (NIA).

During this issue the WexTech system has been proven itself to be invaluable by allowing the NGN Engineers to be able to see inside the main whilst sucking out water insuring that all the pockets of water can be found.

If you would like more information on the WexTech System for mains or the smaller WexTech for services please click here or contact us here.

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