Celebrating the Success of Our SynthoCARE Team

Synthotech’s systems are designed to be in tough and challenging environments. As a result, through time in service, it can be common for repairs and maintenance to take place. This ensures the systems are performing at their best in-service.

At Synthotech, we have a dedicated team available to service and repair any of our products or systems. Our SynthoCARE service team will make sure we get you back to being operational as soon as possible. We constantly aim to reduce the cost of ownership of our products, maximising their utilisation and ultimately minimising their whole life cost.

SynthoCARE also works closely with our Technical Support Engineers to identify if there are any repeat issues with a product, additional training requirements, or a change in equipment to meet the customers’ requirements.

To make sure we provide the best possible service, our team works towards tight deadlines and high attention to detail. Despite the high-pressure environment, we’re really proud of the amount of effort our team put into the department for our customers.

We wanted to hear from the SynthoCARE team to understand what they enjoy about the department. Ian David said, “SynthoCARE is a great department to work in. The guys and girls in the team do an amazing job day in and day out, to keep the customers…and the boss happy. No job is too big or too small and if the day isn’t long enough, the team is always ready and willing to stretch an extra hour, or two, or four to get that priority out of the door. Whether it’s keeping the number of repairs down to a suitable level or making sure a walk-in customer has a quick and professional service, the SynthoCARE team always pull together.”

At Synthotech we all care about customer service and the longevity of a products life, which is why we put so much emphasis on our SynthoCARE system.

Are your Synthotech systems in need of repairs or servicing? Get in touch with us here. Alternatively, email the team directly: synthoCARE@synthotech.co.uk

An engineer working in the synthocare department
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