Navigating Pipe Bends With Ease Using SIT-3

Repair and maintenance in pipework that requires equipment to navigate through pipe bends can often present a range of challenges. With the addition of high-impact areas such as residential housing, there is an increased difficulty in minimising problematic work.

In some instances, maintenance can require excavation when not easily accessible, leading to time-consuming work and prolonged disruption. In a recent application, a Synthotech engineer was able to eliminate the need for excavation outside a residential property using the ServiFlex® Insertion Technique system.

The SIT-3 system allows the service pipe relining process to be streamlined, making it simpler and reducing the risk of issues. SIT-3 can insert up to 12 meters of Serviflex®, a twin wall corrugated flexible pipe liner system developed by Radius Systems, into 1” and 1 ¼” metallic services. All whilst navigating around multiple bends, including two short radius bends, without stretching or damaging the integrity of the pipe.

Our engineer was called to a 4-inch cast-iron, low-pressure replacement project consisting of metallic services changing to PE. The project included problematic services of 1-inch yellow wrapped pipe featuring multiple 90° bends. These conditions meant it would make the services incredibly difficult to get back to their original position once replaced.

A service layer on-site had been installing new boxes at the front of properties for customers, but required excavation and sometimes a new copper re-run, adding further time constraints and disruption. A particular customer was concerned about excavations having suffered from subsidence before. Prior work had resulted in the customers front steps dug out leading to their door.

Synthotech’s engineer presented the SIT-3 system to a number of operators to achieve replacement work without excavation, whilst also being able to navigate through 90° bends. After an initial explanation of the systems procedure, our engineer was able to offer a demonstration. With minimal effort and in under 10 minutes, the system passed through the multiple bends and the pipework was replaced.

The quick and simple application left all team members on-site very happy, as well as the satisfied property owner. The Managing Director of the engineering company on-site during the application was so pleased with the system that a purchase of the system was made for future application. Jamie Ward from Ward Gas Infrastructure Ltd said: “This is a game-changer for every service layer in the country. I can’t believe how easy and quick the service was replaced back to its original position. It saved time, costs and the best thing is the customer is very happy. I’ve already put my order in for one now”.

For more information on the SIT-3 system, click here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here to discuss your requirements.

Using the sit-3 system

Engineer holding the sit-3 system
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