Do you need a lightweight system to solve your water ingress issues?

This system can be used in conjunction with a SynthoCAM 3 kit and an Alan Taylor unit (or similar bowser unit) to find and remove water ingress from within 4-8” metallic and 90-250mm PE mains gas pipes.

Originally designed for the gas market in Singapore this lightweight, compact system is now available to be used on live gas mains in the UK.


The WExTech LTE is part of a range of systems that include kits for services (16mm/ ¾”  to 32mm / 2” PE and metallic) and mains 4”/90mm upwards), with or without integrated pumps so they can be used as standalone units or in conjunction with any bowser pump units.

If required our WExTech systems have the unique capability to recirculate the gas extracted during a water removal back into the main/service, preventing any methane being released into the atmosphere.

If you would like more information on the WExTech LTE or any of our other systems within the WExTech range, please contact us here.

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