Synthotech’s LeakVISION Nominated for Gas Industry Award

Synthotech and our research and development partner, Synovate, are delighted to find out that our new, collaborative and innovative system, LeakVISION, was nominated as part of the Innovation Award in this year’s Gas Industry Awards. This is a fantastic accolade of our mission to support environmentally friendly and low-cost interventions for the energy sector!

The Gas Industry Awards was introduced in 1998 having been organised by IGEM and the Energy & Utilities Alliance (EUA). For over two decades the awards have recognised and rewarded the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations working in the gas sector for over 20 years.

LeakVISION was developed through a collaborative project alongside Northern Gas Networks and Synovate, whilst also working with the EIC and a consortium of innovators, including ROSEN, The Technology Partnership (TTP) and a range of academics with support from OFGEM NIA.

Simon Langdale of Synovate said: “LeakVISION is our patented in-pipe leakage detection sensor used to indicate and hunt out pipeline leakage. Leakage detection and repair (LDAR) is one of the largest costs and liabilities that energy firms face to meet net-zero. We aim to disrupt this challenge with technology to reduce the costs of leakage detection and repair enabling low-cost live repairs within pipe sealing technologies such as STASS.  We’re really excited to use this new cutting-edge technology to help global pipeline operators to reduce leakage and get ready for low carbon fuels and hydrogen.”

The technology can be mounted to a robot base or push-rod camera system using novel sensors to visualise leakage and gives users ‘predator style’ heat-seeking vision that can home in exactly on the point of leakage.

Both of our Synthotech and Synovate teams are incredibly proud to hear about this prestigious award nomination. There has been a lot of work going into this project looking to create a powerful tool to identify and locate leakages without the need for large excavations or repeat visits to tackle reported escapes. LeakVISION also aims to support the transition to net-zero, contributing to a greener approach to energy maintenance.

This year’s Gas Industry Awards will be taking place in London on the 11th of May. We’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the industry and catch-up on the latest developments.

If you’d like to attend the event, tickets can be purchased from the EUA website here.

For more information about the Gas Industry Awards with IGEM, click here.

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about the LeakVISION system, please get in touch with us.

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The leakvision camera
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