Synthotech Wins Innovation Gas Award for LeakVISION

This week Synthotech attended the Gas Industry Awards 2022 hosted by IGEM and the Energy & Utilities Alliance (EUA).

This year’s prestigious awards ceremony was celebrated in London and continued to attract gas professionals from across the entire industry for a fantastic networking opportunity. It serves as a perfect space to recognise and reward the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations working in the gas sector for over 20 years.

There were plenty of awards on offer throughout the ceremony including Engineer of the Year, Customer Service Award and Company of the Year to name a few. However, it was a special occasion for Synthotech to attend the event having been nominated for the Innovation Award. We’re now proud to announce that we won the prestigious Innovation Award during the awards ceremony!

The award comes from the work achieved during the collaborative project, LeakVISION. LeakVISION is a patented in-pipe gas leakage detection sensor mounted to a robot base or push-rod camera system. This innovative system is used for the inspection of in-pipe features to highlight potential areas of interest for leakage from pipeline features, such as joints, connections and defects.

LeakVISION aims to address the challenge of the traditional methods such as “above ground bar holing”. This technique can often produce inaccurate results, causing unnecessary excavation and reinstatement works to be carried out.

This innovation was developed through collaborative efforts with Northern Gas Networks and Synovate, whilst also working with the EIC and a consortium of innovators, including ROSEN, The Technology Partnership (TTP) and a range of academics with support from OFGEM NIA. It’s therefore a proud moment to celebrate this achievement with all involved.

We’re really proud that LeakVISION won an award but we’re even prouder to say it’s an innovation award. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. For more than 20 years we’ve been driving significant advancements in the exploration and maintenance of under pressure pipework. We believe LeakVISION will change the game in gas network maintenance and repairs, offering a more proactive approach whilst also saving time and costs.

We’d like to also say a big thank you to Fusion Utilities for sponsoring the Innovation Award.

If you’d like to learn more about LeakVISION, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with us to discuss any requirements.

Synthotech staff with award

Synthotech staff receiving an award
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