Fixing pipes remotely using our STASS robot

Synthotech is proud to announce the expansion of their specialist services with the introduction of the STASS robotic system for remote pipe maintenance.

The utility industry is in constant need of innovative developments to move towards fixing pipes remotely.

For that reason, STASS™ was developed in collaboration with Northern Gas Networks (NGN) and ALH Systems Limited to provide a fast and cost-effective solution to tier two and three leaking joints, using an anaerobic sealant.

The live access robotic system is the ideal solution for the survey, assessment, location, and treatment of joints with an anaerobic sealing system.

STASS™ has been successfully used by Northern Gas Networks as ‘business as usual’ since January 2019.

Synthotech has started a further development program to increase its operational distance of 250 meters from a single excavation up to 500 meters. Continuous development is a central theme to Synthotech and its product and service portfolio.

Most recently, STASS™ was used on a leaking 18-inch metallic gas pipe. The repair saw 60 joints, over a 230 metre distance, being sprayed and sealed in a single day, providing long-term protection to the pipe.

The STASS™ systems are fully supported by our SynthoCARE™ system, with the availability of coming in for regular preventative service and updates. One of our earliest STASS™ systems was recently returned for a health check and was given a clean bill of health before being returned to the customer.

Synthotech are proud to work in partnership with the UK gas industry. Interested in finding out more about how STASS™ and where the system can be used?

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