Sharing knowledge to avoid meter resites – First Line Managers get to learn all about service replacement

As an industry, we need to avoid relocating gas meters when renewing services if at all possible. Not only does a meter resite cause additional inconvenience to the consumer, but also additional cost to the network owner. Last week, Synthotech delivered another FLM Awareness course to an engaging audience. The course is not product specific, and goes back to engineering first principles regarding pressure loss, various methods of lining metallic services, network policy, and health and safety. The session includes interactive demonstrations to show both good and bad installation techniques, and what can happen when procedures are not followed.

Synthotech have trained over 300 FLM’s in the last 18 months – have you attended one of these sessions? Are you selecting the optimum method to avoid a meter resite?  Could you save over £2M per year by reducing the number of meter resites? Some UK networks are already enjoying these savings! Contact us to find out more about our interactive knowledge sharing sessions and other training packages.

Look what happens when you try and install 20mm PE through an elbow! ServiFlex pipe is designed to negotiate at least 2 elbows and retain its cross-sectional shape to avoid subsequent poor-pressure problems.

Synthotech Managing Director David Morgan delivering FLM Awareness session.

Sitt flm

Sitt pe elbow
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