Using a pipe insertion system to reduce the need for excavation and improve operative safety

Synthotech have successfully trialled a new insertion system to disrupt the traditional way of getting cameras in and out of pipes safely, effectively and efficiently.

Synthotech have successfully trialled their exciting and new Project-WD insertion system in conjunction with our partners at ALH Systems. The patented insertion will disrupt the traditional way of getting cameras in and out of pipes safely, effectively and efficiently. The new system uses innovative technology to launch vertically and at an angle.

The recent trial was in support of the ALH Systems Bonded Saddle. These saddles can be bonded to pipes from 15 inches and above in less than two hours without the need for excavation below the crown of the main, improving the safety for the operative, whilst significantly reducing excavation requirements, disruption, time and risk.

In a little over 90 minutes, the main can be drilled and the Synthotech SynthoCAM Titan pan and tilt HD camera system can be inserted vertically using the Project-WD insertion. The new system combines vertical above ground access with in-main angled insertion. Synthotech was the first choice for ALH Systems to partner with when Cadent requested a large diameter camera survey using the approved Bonded Saddle technology. The combination of Bonded Saddles and the SynthoCAM Project-WD insertion can minimise excavation sizes, as well as dramatically reducing time on site by eliminating the need for deep excavations and trench support systems.

The trial with Cadent North West was able to survey 60 meters of a 36-inch diameter steel main identifying all required information using the HD full circumferential vision.

The simplicity of the SynthoCAM Titan pan and tilt means that it can be inserted through a 2 ½ BSP drilling, meaning that it isn’t a non-routine operation when inserted through a standard ALH System 1 drilling base.

If you’re interested in more information about Synthotech or any of our innovative solutions, please contact us here.

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