Using a 2-inch metallic insertion system to inspect small steel pipes

Repairs, surveys and maintenance within steel pipework can often be a challenge. Trying to “break out” on-site having pin-point location knowledge of tees, joints and features can dramatically reduce on-site work.

Steel pipework is common in back-to-back style housing and can present issues when needing work done. Often, small diameter steel pipework presents difficulties when it comes to gaining access.

To help with this, Synthotech offers a 2-inch metallic insertion camera system making it easier and quicker to access 2-to-3-inch steel pipework. The insertion system can be used in conjunction with a Synthotech S195 camera for 2-inch pipework or a 24mm camera for 3-inch pipework. The kit also allows vertical access and inspection, which saves space and means excavations to inspect the pipework can be much smaller than “end on” access. If needed, however, Synthotech can offer “end on” services should it be needed for extra distance.

In addition, the 2-inch metallic insertion system can be used with precision cable detectors to pinpoint areas of interest from above ground – a service also available through Synthotech. The kit is also excellent for finding and locating backfeeds and connections.

If you’d like to find out more information about the system, contact us. Alternatively, send an email to or call us on 01423 816060.

Instructions using the 2 inch insertion system


Engineer working in an excavation
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