Synthotech tames the Lions

Last night Synthotech’s Wez Little tamed the Lions by winning the innovation showcase IGEM & PIG Southern and London’s Lions Lair.

A twist on Dragons Den, 5 people presented for 4 minutes with 5 minutes of questions from a panel of senior industry leaders. Wez won with a presentation on the process of Synthotech’s Tier One Replacement System (TORS).

TORS has been developed in conjunction with Cadent Gas Limited (previously Nation Grid Distribution). The system allows newly lined/inserted PE Mains to be remotely connected with PE or ServiFlex® services.

If you would like to know more about TORS, please contact us here.

Thanks to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers and the Pipeline Industries Guild for organising a great event.


We can now confirm that the no-dig robotic concept is no longer science fiction, it’s a reality……