SynthoTrax Specialist Service a Success

Technical Support Engineer Chris Hart and Mechanical Engineer Alex Turner completed a SynthoTrax specialist service in London this week.

SynthoTrax went to support Richard Thomas of RWT Flowstopping Ltd and his customer tRIIO with the survey of a 36” Low Pressure Cast Iron Main at the traffic sensitive junction of Highbury Corner and Canonbury Road in Islington.

Using our Robotic Platform SynthoTrax Chris and Alex launched via a 6” drilling through a bond and bolt ALH Systems 3 valve and successfully completed a survey of 119m in one direction finding 13 items of interest (4” leg; valve; 3 x services and 8 plugs). In the other direction SynthoTrax found a Syphon within 2m of launch.

Thanks to all invoved, if you would like to know more about SynthoTrax or about the Specialist Services we offer please contact us here.