TITAN™-Technology with Vision™

Looking for an alternative solution to locating this winter’s in-pipe issues?

SynthoCam TITAN is a remote controlled Pan and Tilt Camera head that pans 270and tilts 360o.  This unique camera head’s sharp focus and manoeuvrability makes it perfect for locating connections, blockages or leaks.

It can be used on medium pressure live gas mains from 8” to 24” and will push up to 50m in each direction. The robust metal camera head has super bright LED lights and can enter the main via a 2” BSP drilling.


Titan Camera Head, Full System and Rotate to Angle Insertion

This system can be used with a 9mm or a 15mm cobra depending on push distance/size of pipe requirements.

If you would like to know more about SynthoCam TITAN and how it could help you please download our product sheet here or contact us