Can we help you with a specialist service?

If you have a mains or service pipe that you need surveying Synthotech’s Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) offer a wide range of different ‘specialist services’ operations.

Our TSEs travel round the UK on a daily basis, completing surveys on PE pipes from 17.5mm to 850mm diameter or on Metallic pipes ¾” to 48”. 

These surveys help you to map where undocumented pipes run, locate pipe junctions, caps, service offtakes, water ingress, finding the cause of poor pressure problems and pre enabling work for mains replacement.

The below was found whilst Andy Tilley, Lead TSE, was using Synthotech’s crawler system SynthoTRAX to survey an 18” LP main that split into two 12” mains to avoid a sewer then rejoined back to an 12”. The Survey was for a mains replacement scheme in London.


If you would like to know more about the specialist surveys that we provide contact us.