Introducing the new ServiBAG Range

The ServiBAG Range allows gas service pipework to be altered without interrupting the gas supply to customers.

The range has been developed following the work that Synthotech and Northern Gas Networks completed during Project Zero and features an encapsulation device. This enables a gas engineer to carry out a range of procedures including adding a bypass, service transfer or replacing an ECV. These systems minimise contact with the customer making them ideal for complying with current COVID-19 restrictions whilst keeping customers ‘cooking on gas’.

The equipment is supplied in kit format which can be built by Gas Workshop operatives. Most of the parts can be reused; the parts that are consumable are inexpensive, reducing operational costs.


The ServiBAG M-CEX system allows an Emergency Control Valve to be replaced without the need to cut off supply to a house. This is the original product developed during Project Zero.


ServiBAG Bypass is a process for adding a bypass tee to an external meter location without interruption to the customer’s supply. The kit comes with fittings compatible with a range of PE and metallic service pipes/connections as well as a range of external meter installation layouts.



ServiBAG TRANSFER allows a service transfer to take place without ECV access. The connections are made in a garden excavation within the encapsulation device meaning that the gas supply to customers is never interrupted and there is no need for a purge and relight operation.

If you would like to know more about the ServiBAG range please contact us.