WExTech for Services “Hailed a success in Hull”

Brilliant results from our latest Water Extraction field trials

The Water Extraction System (WExTech) for services, developed in conjunction with Northern Gas Networks (NGN), has been hugely successful during its most recent field trial. The trial site was located perfectly on soon to be demolished estate in Hull. This meant that the live gas field trials could lake place without the risk of disruption to any customers. Synthotech’s Technical Support Engineers and NGN operatives were able to fully test the unit and even located a service that was not where the estate plans showed it to be.

Using a test rig under live gas conditions, WExTech for Services went head to head with an Alan Taylor Unit (ATU) and removed almost all the water introduced to the service. It was even used to remove extra water that was left behind after the ATU had completed part of the test.

“Quicker, Quieter and more efficient than an ATU”

Having now completed all of the required live field trials, WExTech for Services is now ready to join its ‘big brother’ WExTech for Mains after completing its Northern Gas Networks sponsored NIA.

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WExTech for Services system

Setting up the trial

Water Extraction for Services Vs Alan Taylor Unit