The Technical Support Engineers have been out and about

Synthotech’s Lead Technical Support Engineer (TSE) Andy Tilley has just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and China where he has been demonstrating Synthotech’s camera systems.

Andy has been visiting Synthotech’s distributor U-Tech to complete some product overview training in Weifang, Shandong province and to support U-Tech with a live demonstration for Weifang Hong Kong China Gas.

Product Training with Andy Tilley (Synthotech's lead TSE) and U-Tech

The picture below shows Dr Ronald Cheung, who is an engineer from U-Tech, using a SynthoCam 3 PE kit to complete a location and camera survey in a live 250mm PE gas main.

Below is Simon Tse from U-Tech and Ms. Echo X , the vice president of engineering division of Hong Kong & China Gas Investment Ltd.(HCIL) in mainland China and Andy Tilley Lead TSE Synthotech


If you would like more information on the SynthoCam 3 systems please click here or if you would like discuss any requirements you might have please contact us here.