Delivery of an R&D project

Synthotech Research & Development

Research and development of innovative products within the gas industry

Leading the field for ‘concept to delivery’ innovation

Synthotech’s Research and Development division has a demonstrable track record in the design, development, manufacture and supply of industry leading products to major asset utility infrastructure companies. We have a global reputation for innovation and we’re proud to be the ‘go-to’ company for the delivery of major R&D projects.

Trusted by major Gas Distribution Network Operators

We have extensive experience of inventing and developing innovative solutions for the four UK Gas Distribution Network Operators under both the Innovation Funding Initiatives (IFI) and, more recently, under the Network Innovation Award (NIA).

Pioneering tomorrows technologies for today’s utilities and infrastructure markets

Since 2009, Synthotech has pioneered emerging technologies and developed robotic solutions for 4” to 48” pipes, focusing on providing in-pipe intelligence though visual and non-destructive assessment of the asset.

We have undertaken and successfully delivered three ground-breaking robotics projects under IFI, and two under NIA focused on asset assessment during live gas working, ensuring gas supplies to consumers are not interrupted and ground excavations are minimised, reducing environmental impacts.

Our R&D capabilities at a glance. . .

  • Project / Program management.
  • Consultation.
  • Promoting the concepts of Innovation and new forms of innovative R&D within the utilities industry.
  • Engaging with key strategic industry partners and organisations.
  • Identifying new strategic partners and organisations.
  • Stimulating solution identification and development of new ideas.
  • Engaging with innovation professionals globally, benchmarking and identifying best-practices.
  • Developing the Innovations team at Synthotech and engaging with the industry at seminars, workshops and industry events.

Overview of our R&D process. . .

Sythotech adheres to a rigid design process plan incorporating key outputs to ensure that at every stage of an R&D project, we meet strict documentation and governance standards:

Stage 1: 3D prototype

Stage 2: Bench test prototype

Stage 3: Offline/online field trials

Stage 4: Data and product validation

Stage 5: Mobilisation

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