SynthoCam and ServiceCam

Live Gas CCTV Equipment

SynthoCam™ and ServiceCam — the versatile, safe and effective way to inspect live gas mains and services while minimising the disruption caused by excavation.

The SynthoCam™ CCTV system is a ground breaking inspection solution that has been designed to minimise excavation by maximising survey distance.

The system is manufactured by us completely in-house and is precision designed to UK gas industry standards for use up to 2bar operating pressure, and up to 4bar for international applications.

ServiceCam is designed for the live gas inspection of service pipework from 20mm to 50mm diameter.

Key benefits include:

  • Substantial operational cost savings.
  • An upfront decision making 'no dig' tool.
  • Significant improvement in the rate of pipe replacement.
  • Faster diagnosis of in-pipe obstructions, water ingress, poor pressure conditions and gas leakage to assist in repair and emergency.
  • Precise location of joints, defects and interference.
  • No interruption of supply for increased customer satisfaction.

SynthoCam™ is available in modular components for a range of applications and entry/exit from the main is achieved using under pressure equipment that enables the camera to be launched and retrieved under controlled 'live' gas conditions, without the need to isolate or interrupt the gas supply.

SynthoCam™ at a glance. . .

The system is designed to cover the following range of pipe sizes:

  • Polyethylene – 20mm to 180mm diameter
  • Metallic – 2” to 48” diameter


  • For the pro-active design and planning of gas main replacement works. Identifies:

1. Obstructions

  • Locating debris
  • Searching-out corrosion
  • Investigating siphons/dip pipes, bends, etc.

2. Connections:

  • To identify poor pressure conditions such as water ingress, obstructions and unknown connections.
  • Can assist in identifying gas leakages.
  • Provides high quality footage to support the condition assessment of metallic and PE pipework systems.

Click here to download a detailed datasheet for SynthoCam™

Click here to download a detailed datasheet for ServiceCam