Tracing polyethylene gas pipework systems

Stargland™— the versatile, safe and efficient ‘live access tool’ that enables precise tracing of polyethylene (PE) gas pipework systems.

The Stargland™ system enables accurate tracing of buried polyethylene (PE) gas pipework systems under live gas conditions.

Key benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces excavation, reinstatement and associated activities.
  • Enables PE pipe systems to be accurately identified.
  • Reduces operational cost.

How Stargland™ works. . .

Tracing of PE pipes is achieved by inserting a tracing wire and sonde through the live access system. The tracer wire and sonde is energised by use of a standard above ground signal generator and located by a cable avoidance tool. The live access system has been specifically designed using our unique Stargland™ gas seal technology – a robust system developed to avoid gas leakage during survey activities.


  • Can be connected onto through wall house entry fittings up to 32mm diameter.
  • Can be connected onto many types of emergency control valves (ECV).
  • Can be connected directly onto 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm diameter PE pipes.
  • Can be connected onto PE top tapping tees for tracing of pipe systems up to 180mm diameter.
  • Can trace up to 50m for gas service pipes and 100m for mains.
  • Approved to UK gas industry standards for use up to 75mbar, and higher for international applications.

Click here to download a detailed datasheet for Stargland™