Water Extraction Systems

The WExTech™ systems are designed to locate water in live gas pipes, remove the water, and recycle the gas back into the network. There is a WExTech™ system for every type and size of pipe.

SynthoCam - Live Gas CCTV Systems

Live gas CCTV systems

SynthoCam™ and ServiceCam — the versatile, safe and effective way to inspect live gas distribution lines while minimising the disruption caused by excavation.

Stargland - Trace a gas service or main

Trace a service or main

Stargland™— the versatile, safe and efficient ‘live access tool’ that enables precise tracing of polyethylene (PE) gas pipework systems.

Replace a gas valve or plug with M-CEX

Replace a valve or plug

M-CEX™ — the fast, easy to use system for replacement of gas valves under controlled conditions. 

Serviflex® — the versatile, safe and efficient gas service pipe replacement system.

Avoid relay of a service

Serviflex® — the versatile, safe and efficient gas service pipe replacement system.

Repair a gas pipe leak with I-seal

Repair a threaded joint

I-Seal® — the safe and efficient system for repairing leaking threaded joints.

Gas engineering product technical support


We believe it’s essential to provide you with open and reactive support whenever you need it and for as long as you need it.

Gas Industry Technical Expertise

Gas industry technical expertise

Here to help you meet your corporate objectives, enhance your capabilities and unlock your world-class performance potential.

Research & Development Projects for the Gas Industry

Delivery of an R&D project

Synthotech’s Research and Development division has a demonstrable track record in the design, development, manufacture and supply of industry leading products to major asset utility infrastructure companies.