Minimising gas interruption using Synthotech’s ServiBAG Transfer

Synthotech’s latest innovation aims to reduce gas interruption during live applications.

Innovation plays a critical role in minimising interruption to utility networks.

With an increased shift towards alternative energy sources, what tools could be used to build a hydrogen network without customer interruption?

Synthotech are developing a ServiBAG range to allow gas service pipework to be altered without interrupting the gas supply to customers so that radiators can stay hot, meals can be cooked and showers taken. This enables a gas engineer to carry out a range of procedures including adding new components, transferring services or replacing Emergency Control Valves (EVCs).

Our Technical Support Engineers have recently been busy completing a ServiBAG Transfer trial with Northern Gas Networks, the gas distribution networks for the North of England, to assess how we can minimise customer interruption, care for vulnerable customers and provide a solution to difficult situations where a live gas supply is of the most utmost importance.

The ServiBAG Transfer fits onto existing PE Service pipes which can be done under live gas conditions without interruption to the customer’s gas supply by using a consumable enclosure that is fitted around the service pipework.

Upon installation of the tee, the domestic gas supply was fed through a temporary secondary supply whilst the primary service pipe was reworked. This enabled a newly laid PE service pipe to be transferred from old metallic to a new PE main pipe.

The initial results of the trial were positive with a great learning experience with the ServiBAG Transfer solution. The application successfully held the service pressure of 33mbar while the transfer was installed and successfully removed from the 32mm service.

Synthotech’s ServiBAG range offers a quick and simple solution for live gas maintenance. For more information on the range, read this article. To find out how Synthotech’s ServiBAG solutions can assist with your gas maintenance, get in touch.

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